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Tina is a very talented and enthusiastic piano teacher who has kept my son interested in music and piano for the past 6 years, incredible considering he is now 18.

She is dedicated to her students and innovative in her approach, allowing them choice and variety that will keep them engaged. I would highly recommend her to guide your child's musical education.


Tina has been an amazing piano teacher for our 2 children. Through the Suzuki method, they have learned to play music by ear. Tina has organized piano concerts and group lessons to encourage the opportunity for public performances. She is exceptionally patient with young kids and accommodating to parents’ requests.

We have really enjoyed working with Tina and would strongly recommend her as a piano instructor, especially for young children.


My daughter and son both take piano lessons at Piano Key Lessons studio with Tina. She is a very patient, passionate, knowledgeable and caring piano instructor. They enjoy taking lessons with her, and I'm impressed with the way she teaches them and how they are progressing.

My daughter is auditioning for an arts school and Tina is focused on helping her to prepare. Tina is a great teacher and I would recommend her to anyone.


Tina is an amazing piano teacher. She is great with kids and really connects with them. Both my daughters love her. Tina is patient with younger children and makes learning piano fun!

Suma & Pala

Our daughter Sai Madhura has been learning piano for the past year. We strongly believe that our daughter has been getting the best piano lessons at Piano Key Lessons through Ms. Tina, a dedicated and responsible piano teacher. Tina is amazing with kids.

She is patient, friendly, flexible and very professional. She has great teaching methods and has taught both theory and songs including our daughters` favourites.

Tina identifies weak points and helps her students overcome them by giving many useful tips. Tina also goes an extra mile and provides extra materials that are very useful.

She encourages her students to perform in the regular student concerts held at her studio. Madhura picked up lot of songs within months and her interest in learning piano has grown. Tina is a great mentor and brings out the best in her students. We regret that we did not find Tina sooner.


Tina has worked with my daughter for many years. Working with Tina was very good for my daughter's confidence, general interest in music and mental focus. Tina's talented teaching style and passion definitely contributed to my daughter's decision to attend a specialized music program in high school. Audrey will take with her a solid foundation in music theory, but more importantly, a love of learning which was instilled by years of patient encouragement by Tina.


Adam has been Tina's piano student for 6 years; ever since he was 5 years old. Adam started learning from Tina at the Earl Bales Community Centre for keyboard group lessons. After that, he transitioned into private lessons. Piano lessons have been the one consistent extracurricular activity that Adam has kept over the years because he enjoyed each lesson every week.

Tina is an amazing teacher and literally has been very influential in Adam's formative years; she is very positive and patient. Tina not only teaches playing the piano, she indirectly has taught Adam foundational qualities such as commitment, discipline, and perseverance. He has learned to break down the pieces, practice one hand first and then another, and gradually put the pieces together with both hands in order to play a full song. This technique has helped Adam gain confidence in himself; he feels very proud when he is able to play music on his own after all the hard work.

Tina also focuses on teaching sight reading which has given Adam the ability and motivation to seek and try to play music that he likes in his free time. The lessons usually end with a fun and creative activity, which make every lesson unique. Tina has inspired Adam's love of music as he goes online for sheet music from songs he hears and experiments playing the songs on the piano. Two thumbs up!!!


We truly appreciate to have Tina Figliomeni as my son's piano teacher. Tina turned him from a newbie (Suzuki Book One) to a confident piano performer (graduate Suzuki Book Five) in the past 7+ years. Tina is very patient; she never interrupts during student's playing. She tells students in details what need to be fixed after each playing. I like Suzuki method to let students start learning piano by ear, to involve parents during lessons time and practice time at home. I also love the 2 recitals every year that Tina organizes. Very specially - after graduation of each Suzuki book, Tina makes a CD for student, which includes all the recordings pieces played by the student from that book. Therefore, my son always has enthusiasm and confidence to learn and practice piano, to play piano for people. I highly recommend Tina Figliomeni and her piano studio.

Alina D.

We were very happy to take piano lessons with Tina. When my son started the classes he had very basic knowledge in piano, but shortly after with the Suzuki method that Tina is teaching, he became very good at it and played entire songs all by himself. I was impressed. She also organizes nice concerts for parents and children where the kids perform the songs. She is very professional and has a very nice personality. We really like her and totally recommend her for piano lessons to everyone.


Tina has been a gentle, kind, encouraging teacher for 4 years for my daughter. My daughter immediately felt comfortable with Tina right from the beginning (she can be very shy) and loved her because Tina always listened to her and communicated and showed her full support. Tina shows her practice of student-led learning by encouraging to ask questions, giving options to choose and be creative, inviting opinions, and checking understanding. She makes the learning environment pleasant and relaxed, free from pressure and stress. My daughter is very sensitive and conscientious but she was able to relax and just enjoy her time with Tina during the lesson time.

From my experience, I think that Tina fully embodies the philosophy of the Suzuki method because she demonstrates her belief and confidence in students' potentials in ways that students can personally feel, experience, and appreciate. My daughter understands the importance of daily listening and practice, and is proud of the level she has achieved.  We appreciate all of Tina's consistent efforts to provide gentle, affirmative, motivating guidance throughout the past years.